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Key Discipline  

Computer Information and Intelligent Technology

The construction of undergraduate combines with institution development orientation, follows the personnel training requirements under the new ear from our own reality, and bases on undergraduate education also strengthen graduate education. Also it emphasizes on reform of the training mode focusing on further improving disciplines and research platform, and building machine olfaction, sensor networks and intelligent transportation research and development centers which determine the direction of development and development ideas for the discipline of Computer Information and Intelligent Technology.

Through this discipline improvement, we also improve academic research, cultivation of personnel echelon and the building of experimental. We would gradually form not only a certain reputation in the community and influence in the characteristics of the disciplines, but also improve the overall level of other related disciplines.

The discipline improvement is mainly from research, teaching, personnel, teamwork and other aspects. 1) Research will focus on three directions, including: intelligent computing and information fusion technology, machinery and bio-mimetic technology olfactory, sensor networks and embedded systems applications, also will work through vertical and horizontal cooperation, etc., deepen the study and major breakthroughs. 2) Teaching practice approach will attempt to latest research into, while building materials and other aspects intensify in the course construction,. 3) Personnel training through undergraduate, graduate, teaching practice, school-enterprise cooperation, joint training, excellent engineers project, etc will enhance students' employability. 4) Disciplinary team building through internal training, external introduction of horizontal communication, etc., and gradually build a reasonable structure, high-level, experienced science echelon.

The discipline improvement is based on the teaching philosophy for practical talents, used to achieve five abilities in whole: professional core competencies, engineering practice, entrepreneurial innovation, student’s employability, student’s social skills, both in theoretical and in practical training new models. In the teaching process, it propose three one-third concept: focus on imparting knowledge, focus on students' self-learning ability, focus on doing things as well as team work to improve the overall quality of students. It also be prominent for wide, easy, new, practical” talent cultivation characteristics. That is, wide knowledge, easy understanding, new technology commonly used in enterprise platform as the background and practical methods and techniques.

The quality and quantity of the undergraduate was improved greatly. So is the research fund transferred into accounts. It is above 3million RMB per year in average. Quality and result of researches have achieved a significant improvement. The discipline research platform gradually formed. So is the strong academic atmosphere of Everyone wanted to do something, everyone can do something. We strive to achieve the goaleveryone get things done .

Through the key support of 085 Project, this discipline improvement has achieved great development inside(academic team) and outside(research direction),  has attracted leading talents from the well-known universities, companies which have a number of academic influence. So reasonable personnel echelon which is capable of research and strong academic atmosphere are formed. It established special research direction on computer information technology and intelligent, enhanced the research ability on information fusion, machine olfaction, sensor networks and other aspects. We will further highlight the professional advantage, improve domestic and international scientific and technological cooperation, “exchanges the inside, grasps the outside”, and strive to form a higher level of content-rich situation to promote the overall level of discipline improvement.

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