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According to the orientation of school-running and discipline development, a number of top talents graduated from well-known domestic (985 and 211) and overseas universities have been recruited into the school. Some outstanding lecturers will also be sponsored to domestic or overseas university for doctorate. After several-year development, a faculty team with noble ethics, optimized structure, outstanding teaching skills has been established. Such a high quality faculty team has brought the school a higher level in academic research and teaching.

The number of current staffs is 89, including 5 professors, 23 associate professor and 46 senior lecturers. Also, the staff team includes 16 master’s supervisors, 5 post-doctors and 32 doctors. The school contains 3 university-level teaching teams, 6 school-level teaching teams and three school-level research teams.

Establishing double capability teaching team led by professors and experts from organizations is the principle idea in the school for improving practical training qualities. Young lecturers are encouraged to communicate with engineers in organizations so as to improve the teaching methodologies in practical training. The teaching team will fully put efforts on cultivating skills of students in real engineering practices. Via integrating major, teaching and research section and teaching team, every lecturer will be able to put their concepts into process of discipline construction. Moreover, this will also provide opportunities to every one of the lecturers to join the “excellent engineering” project.

The school has established an extensive cooperation with both domestic and international universities and organizations in teaching team construction. The school has also established a close cooperation with research institutes in Australia and USA. Aiming at the 12th five-year plan goal, the school will continuously grasp any opportunities to improve the qualities in both management and teaching. Via recruiting high-quality overseas lecturers and enhancing international communication, the overall standards of international cooperation will reach a new level.

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