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The computer science and information engineering department was established on September 2000 by the integration of computer science faculties in Shanghai Light Industry College, Shanghai College of Metallurgy and Shanghai Chemical Engineering College. On November 2009, the department of computer science and information engineering was renamed as the school of computer science and information engineering (abbreviated as the school of computer science).

The school of computer science contains three undergraduate majors, which are computer science and technology (Science), software engineering and network engineering. The software engineering major includes three directions, which are project management and development, digital media technology and game software development. In terms of network engineering, it contains two directions, which are network and information security and internet of things technology. The major of postgraduate is information management and information system. The recent number of undergraduate and postgraduate is about 1500 and 20 respectively.

The number of current staffs is 89, including 5 professors and 37 doctors. The school has also employed a large number of part-time lecturers from well-known universities, who are full of practical engineering experiences. Cultivating talents in applied engineering has always been the principle of school running and discipline construction. Via multiple methods such as cooperation, cultivation and recruitment, the quality of lecturers has been continuously improving.

Discipline construction has always been the major issues in school development. Regarding discipline construction as the key point and faculty building as the developing core, the school continuously strengthens the level of discipline construction, especially in key disciplines. There have been three research centers in the school which are sensor network and intelligent information processing research center, smelling machine research center and intelligent traffic system research center. Focusing on the developments of one principle platform and three research centers, the school has achieved a leaping development and an outstanding success in several aspects such as research, teaching and lecturer team building.

The school of computer science has been qualified for first-class education and research. The school has established 10 laboratories for network engineering, software engineering, composition and structure, computer dismounting, computer integrated experiment, signal processing, multimedia technology, digital TV, software testing, and comprehensive network cabling. The value of assets has reached 15 million RMB. In order to provide sufficient engineering training courses during the graduate practice, the school has established school-enterprise cooperation bases with about 10 enterprises including Tata Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai JingYi information technology Co., Ltd. This has provided students with excellent conditions and opportunities for trainings and practices. The school-enterprise cooperation has been considered as an extremely important issue for cultivating practical capabilities of students. It also provided opportunities for the new cooperation mode, namely “excellent engineering”. On the basis of above mentioned methods, the school is now constructing a new cultivation system for application-oriented talents using one topic, two supports and four platforms.

Via a deep research in the possibilities of international cooperation with overseas universities, two appropriate international cooperation modes has been established, which are “3+1” and “2+2”. In order to push forward the new mode, many works have been accomplished in establishing internationalized syllabus and curriculum and credit recognition systems with overseas universities. The cooperation brings opportunities in importing advanced concepts in engineering education, which significantly expanded the international views for both lecturers and students. The school has developed a domestic degree plus overseas degree and a domestic degree plus international certificates international cooperation mode, which allows our students to study abroad so as to enhance their international view, foreign language ability and competitiveness.

Graduates from our school can always meet the requirements from employers. Therefore, the employment rate of our graduates has been remained over 90%. The position of graduates mostly distributed in information department of both domestic and international enterprises dealing with research, development, technic support and management. Some of our graduates have become senior engineers, technical experts in enterprises and responsible officer in government information department who have contributed to the development in national computer information technology.

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